It all started when...

At a very young age I would steel my father's tools and use them to carve things. No mater what it was - tabletops, walls, concrete porch, anything I found that is more challenging than just writing on with a pen. I took pride in my creations always seeking more challenging tasks, something I had not seen done before, attempting to recreate complex visuals in new ways. I somehow knew that my creations would withstand the test of time if only I can find ways to make them permanent. 

Later on I learned to apply tools in more meaningful ways, focusing my creativity in ways useful to others. I sought after learning the skills of creating 'things' to give a life to, ultimately finding my calling in robotics and human-computer interaction. 

On a quest to fix everything, I spent the majority of my young professional life making computers do more, but no mater how well the programs worked, if human emotional response to them was poor, all efforts were lost. In creating most efficient  software, I had neglected the most crucial component —human factor.

I had no choice but to seek to understand human behavior. 

A half a decade ago, I embarked on a new journey —a quest of learning to develop digital experiences, that make humans fell safe and comfortable around machines. 

I keep this blog along the stops of my journey.